Hip hop artist Mudy celebrated her “Ticket” EP release party at Cactus Club on Sunday night, drawing in a full house. She brought a few of her own favorite fellow artists to join the bill including Tye Motives, D. Bridge, Camb, and Lucien Parker. Not only that, she brought merch – and cookies – available for purchase.

“My godmother makes them with cake specially for me, so if I fuck with them I may as well share them with people coming out for me,” she said about the cookies.

It was Mudy’s first show back since quarantine. She played the new EP through but also performed a few songs too.

“I feel ecstatic,” she said after the show. “I love the energy and I love what the crowd gave to me. They responded very well to my EP…I’m just on a show high right now.”

“Ticket” is actually the second EP Mudy’s dropped this year; back in April she released “LAND.”

“The “LAND” EP was all singing so I could introduce people to my new style,” she explained. “I’m definitely growing. This new EP “Ticket” is a singing kind of vibe; I’ve been fucking with the East Coast a whole lot but I also fuck with the West Coast super hard – I’m in love with LA. My sound has been gradually been going in the direction that’s like a hurtful trap vibe and I love that. It’s a way for me to share my experience and growth overtime and I’m just glad that people receive it very well. Every song up there was something I was going through. It wasn’t just me making up shit. It was a real life event…so I can’t wait to deliver it to people.”

She explains why she chose to title it “Ticket.”

“I feel like I’m worth it, so people should pay the ticket. Lottery tickets are in my cover art because I feel like I’m the type of person you should bet on. I’m the person you should take chances with.”

The EP will be available on all streaming platforms this Friday.

“Tonight feels like an out-of-body experience…it doesn’t even feel like I’m up there singing.”

Mudy will be performing again with MKExpanded at Company Brewing on September 18th.

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