AUDIO: Camb – “Everything Must Go”

Hip hop artist Camb finally has his long-awaited album “Everything Must Go” out today. Spanning eighteen tracks, the eclectic rapper-singer is putting the energy he needs out into the world while leaving the toxic bullshit permanently behind. He touches on every aspect; what he needs for his career, in a woman, and out of his friends. One of the most heartfelt moments is the track “Mama Speaks” which is a voicemail of Camb’s mother reminding him to keep his head up and have faith in God. With features from Tyso Sprme, Drudini, Mo’City, Rahn Harper and Mudy, Camb shares a massive piece of himself with a creative statement built out of self-ownership and empowerment. We look forward to visuals sure to come with these songs; the animated video for “The View” is available now.

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