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AUDIO: Camb – “Everything Must Go”

Hip hop artist Camb finally has his long-awaited album “Everything Must Go” out today. Spanning eighteen tracks, the eclectic rapper-singer is putting the energy he needs out into the world while leaving the toxic bullshit permanently behind. He touches on every aspect; what he needs for his career, in a woman, and out of his friends. One of the most

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AUDIO: Cleo Fox III – “Tomorrow Is Today” EP

Prepare the flame emoji on your phone’s keyboard, because the new EP from Cleo Fox III is well deserving of that accolade. With a profound swagger, Cleo hits tracks with a Big Sean-esque cool to his delivery. There’s no difficulty in getting lyrical as well, as you’ll find on any verse of the EP. The inclusion of Tyso $upreme’s single

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AUDIO: BKnitts Featuring Drúdini – “MIL”

Now this is some music you can ride to. BKnitts’ latest, “MIL”, is all sorts of smooth, complete with a hook you’ll have yourself singing by midway through the track. Aided by Drúdini, the track has both a hip hop and R&B feel, and it sounds even better coming out the back of your car’s speakers. Save this track for

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