VIDEO: YKWiS – Kia Rap Princess & Mudy

#YKWiS is a show produced by WI Proud Entertainment, a platform that helps promote hip hop/R&B, fashion, dance & comedy across the Wisconsin area. Hosted by Jordan Kellogg, the show has the same passion for local music as all of the contributors to Breaking And Entering share. Make sure you check them out on YouTube as well!

Today on #YKWiS, we talk about LoveRenaissance’s Co-owner, Justice Baiden and his conversation on Everyday Struggle in August. Looking at LVRN’s 3 pillars they look for in artist development. Looking at hip hop heavyweight Kia Rap Princess and her incredible style. Jordan takes a trip to the islands with the smash song ‘Issa Vibe’. The other killer rapper, Mudy, has been making waves in the city. From her hit singles like ‘Drop’ to the fire freestyles like ‘Tyler Herro’ make Mudy a must listen to artist from Milwaukee.

Songs: Kwano // At The Spot Kia Rap Princess // The Game of Life Kia Rap Princess // Issa Vibe Mudy // Drop Mudy // Tyler Herro Freestyle Kevin Knoble // Mortified (feat. AP) Complex’s Everyday Struggle (Aug 27)

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