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AUDIO: Brit Nicole – “Nocturnal Butterfly”

Poet and spoken word artist Brit Nicole recently released her debut album. It’s thirteen pieces accompanied by neo-soul and R&B instrumentation performed by the likes of B~Free, Quinten Farr, Genesis Renji and Haze. Nicole’s lyrical ruminations encompass such topics as celebration of Blackness, healing after leaving a toxic partner, love to life rather than death, intimate encounters, body positivity, and

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VIDEO: Run Along Forever, Bisca Rae & Genesis Renji – “Happy Days”

Audiovisual duo Run Along Forever joined forces with Bisca Rae and Genesis Renji for a new single and video. Rae and Renji hang out along the Milwaukee River at sunset as well as out in the city at night. The song is about relationships that don’t work out – whether it’s because you’re in different places in life or have

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VIDEO: Genesis Renji – “Gone Baby”

Hip hop artist Genesis Renji has the video out to “Gone Baby” from his fantastic project “E.D.E.N” from earlier this year. Directed by Underdog Productions and starring Emerald Monet, the visual features Renji and his woman experiencing the peaks and valleys of their relationship; first they’re shown out having fun together and everything feels right, but they eventually start bickering

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AUDIO: Genesis Renji – “E.D.E.N.”

Hip hop artist Genesis Renji is out with his new EP “E.D.E.N.” – the follow-up to his 2018 album “S.I.N.S.”. This project encompasses the rise and fall of a relationship, embedded with all the miscommunications and misunderstandings that ultimately lead Renji and his significant other into an emotional spiral. They’re obviously crazy for each other but Renji’s personal and professional

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AUDIO: Genesis Renji – “Siamese”

Hip hop artist Genesis Renji’s got a new joint out today. He raps about being in a relationship where he and his partner have different needs, and even though they miscommunicate sometimes, they know they’ve got something special. It’s a song about navigating the gray area; Renji knows himself and his boundaries very well, and not everyone will understand. Many

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AUDIO: Genesis Renji – “Hurt Me Again”

Hip hop artist Genesis Renji’s latest single is about the routine pains of things not working out with a woman. The world’s going to keep turning, you’re going to keep drinking and smoking, and you’ll remain lonely as heartbreak takes hold once again. Renji has clearly seen this play out a number of times, and he raps to stabilize anyone

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