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AUDIO: Renz Young – “Tickets”

Hip hop artist Renz Young’s latest single finds him rapping about being worth a ticket. He knows his worth and flexes about not needing anyone’s help getting where he is; he doesn’t even have to post any pictures for people to wonder what his next move will be. It’s a banger with just the right amount of confidence from Renz

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AUDIO: Renz Young – “Turn Me Away”

Hip hop artist Renz Young’s latest single is flex-ready and vigorous. He raps about doing what he has to do; he’s earned his respect through hard work and dedication and the haters don’t know half of it. It’s two verses, and both showcase Renz Young’s ability to deliver light-speed bars doused in humility. He’s got a new project coming soon,

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AUDIO: Renz Young – “Before I Wake”

Hip hop artist Renz Young’s latest EP is three tracks. “The Pace” is about chasing different things than others are while “Hesitate” touches on distractions and “No Love to Spare” finds Young reflecting on how far he’s come with proving haters wrong, only planning to continue. This body of work succinctly encapsulates Renz Young’s work ethic and vision. He’s gotten

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AUDIO: Tru West – “From the Ashes, We Rise”

Tru West has crafted a new album as part of her Artist Fellowship with Leaders Igniting Transformation. Each track features different verses from different artists in Milwaukee’s enriched hip hop scene. Opening with a poem from Unique Russ, the project as a whole celebrates Black joy, Black liberation, Black culture, and Black self-determination – songs like “Bronzeville” and “Liberation Over

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