AUDIO: Tyso SPRME – “The Red Pill”

Earlier this year, Vogel Park emcee Tyso SPRME entered the Matrix with his EP, “The Blue Pill”. This week, we’ve gotten the follow up, aptly titled “The Red Pill” featuring another triplet of tracks with a different feel altogether. Where “The Blue Pill” was more subdued, “The Red Pill” is understandably at a higher tempo, with more of an emphasis on quotable bars and hotter beats. Led by single “Stardust”, Tyso sets the mood, and has a strong cut for the DJs in follow up “Tom & Jerry” featuring Renz Young. “Everyday Struggle” closes out the set, and is a chance for Tyso to deliver some new solo heat as well. In any case, whether you pick “The Blue Pill” or “The Red Pill” Tyso SPRME is ready for whatever is next. Check out the new EP here:

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