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AUDIO: Troy Tyler – “Way We Ride”

R&B artist Troy Tyler dropped a new single not too long ago, co-written by DJ Kenz. He sings about a woman that keeps her cool and stays in her own lane, which he admires immensely. All Tyler wants to do is ride around with her in his whip and shut out everything else. The tempo switches into slow-motion as the

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AUDIO: Tru West – “From the Ashes, We Rise”

Tru West has crafted a new album as part of her Artist Fellowship with Leaders Igniting Transformation. Each track features different verses from different artists in Milwaukee’s enriched hip hop scene. Opening with a poem from Unique Russ, the project as a whole celebrates Black joy, Black liberation, Black culture, and Black self-determination – songs like “Bronzeville” and “Liberation Over

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