L’Resorts and Fox Face Play The Cooperage

Fox Face.

A packed house occurred at The Cooperage Friday night as bands L’Resorts and Fox Face played along with acclaimed avant-garde noise rock band Deerhoof. Known for their bizarre fusion of pop melodies with noisy instrumentation, Deerhoof is a highly distinctive outfit within the American indie sphere.

L’Resorts is a relatively new fixture in Milwaukee’s catalog, playing tropical pop music and donning all-white outfits to give an “island” sensation. Martha Cannon sings, Vinnie Kircher sings and plays guitar, Stephen Streupp plays guitar, James Sauer plays bass, Austin Dutmer drums, Frank Martinelli plays keys, and Steph Lippert plays marimba. This marked their third show as a full band.

“Martha hit me up on Facebook and wanted to do a song and it kinda took us forever to get together and do it. We did the song and it snowballed into “let’s make a bunch of songs.” We started recording every week and it took off. Austin joined first; he plays drums on the recording,” Kircher said about the band’s conception.

“We’ve done a bunch of recordings. We basically have an album; we just have to put it out,” Kircher said.

“There’s no set release date but in the near future,” Lippert added. “We’ve got the momentum going and I think when it’s time we’ll do the thing. Summertime, maybe.”

L’Resorts plays The Sh*tty Barn in Spring Green on June 18th.

Fox Face is a punk band consisting of vocalist/guitarist Lindsay DeGroot, vocalist/guitarist Lydia Washechek, bassist Mary Hickey, and drummer Chopper Chioda. The band started in 2009 when DeGroot and Washechek wrote and played songs together, gradually adding on Hickey and their original drummer (Chioda replaced him shortly prior to their debut LP recording).

The LP, “Spoil + Destroy,” came out in 2017 and is full of liberal fury, touching on issues such as feminism and climate change denial.

“We have half of our next record done,” DeGroot said. “We have the second half written but not played out yet. We’re almost there.”

Fox Face embarked on their first overseas tour this time a year ago. They made stops in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Italy.

“We were on the last day of our tour a year ago today, exactly,” Hickey said.

“The experience of touring in Europe is so incredibly accommodating compared to here. We stayed in hotels every night…there was no sleeping on floors,” DeGroot said.

“They made you dinners every show,” Washechek added. “They’re very focused on hospitality. Then we went through a touring company too so we had somebody driving us and it was amazing.”

Fox Face cites Circle A as one of their favorite Milwaukee venues to play.

“It’s like going home,” Hickey said about playing there. “It’s like hanging out in the living room with all your best friends.”

Fox Face is outspoken about the challenges women continue to face infiltrating the music industry. Hickey gave a personal testimony.

“We played a street festival in Milwaukee last summer, but we showed up and we were having confusion with the sound people. We had submitted a stage plot ahead of time so they knew our input and asked who was in the band, and we felt we didn’t understand enough about sound and they kept telling us there weren’t enough monitors. It was because the whole they just assumed the three of us were backup singers. At no point in time did it cross their mind that we were the band.”

That being said, Hickey does have optimism about the scene.

“There’s been some progress. There’s more women, and we are collaborating more; we’re not isolated in specific scenes as much as maybe a decade ago. Things like Riverwest FemFest bring everyone together.”

She also spoke about the heroism associated with maleness in the music industry.

“When we were in SXSW last month, we saw a lot of our old nostalgic favorite bands, and I realized that all of our idols are men; there’s like no females onstage. I guess the difference is that a decade ago I was a person of the crowd never thinking I could do something like that, and here we are doing it. I don’t know if we’re anybody’s hero or if we’ll be celebrated like men are just for being men playing music. But we’re doing the best we can.”

Fox Face plans to finish their record and tour across the East and South US later this year. They play Riverwest Public House with Negative/Positive and The Lovebugs on June 7th.

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