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AUDIO: L’Resorts – “Vacation”

Psych-pop band L’Resorts have a new record out. It’s a collection of playful, bright-eyed tunes that hearken to the salad days of frolicking in young love. They’re songs to dance in the rain and hold hands to. L’Resorts never miss with their sunshine-soaked duets and idyllic songwriting, marked by a retention of youthful enthusiasm. We hope to catch a show

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AUDIO: L’Resorts – “Sad Happens”

L’Resorts have a new record out for their annual holiday fundraiser, and it’s a kids album. They sing about making friends, eating vegetables, dreaming and hydrating in their signature Americana-pop-folk sound. It’s a sweet, syrupy collection of light-hearted ditties sure to crack some smirks. They’re raising money for Pathfinders, who provide resources for homeless and housing-insecure youth. We hope listeners

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AUDIO: L’Resorts – “Bad Love”

Electric folk-pop supergroup L’Resorts are out with a new record. There’s eleven tracks here, and most of them hover around the three-minute mark. These songs shimmer with warm romance as vocalists Martha Cannon and Vincent Kircher trade parts, singing of the comfort in nature and feeling complete with one another. It’s a friendly listen and one that feels like an

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