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VIDEO: Fox Face – “Johnson Death Farm”

Punk rockers Fox Face have a new video out for Halloween accompanying a song from their last record “End of Man.” Featuring the band members rocking out among glowing visual effects, the video takes us down eerie nighttime roads that presumably lead up to the titular location; the song is about such a farm that served as a pet burial

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AUDIO: Fox Face – “End of Man”

Punk rockers Fox Face have their highly-anticipated record out today on Dirtnap Records. There’s twelve tracks here, all with rebellious garage energy – great to run to. There’s an overarching feeling of anger and terror, fueling by the urge to not take shit from anyone. “Haunt You,” for example, is about predatory men. “We Do Nothing” touches on being silent

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AUDIO: Fox Face – “Slow Burn”

Punk rockers Fox Face are out with the second single from their forthcoming record “End of Man.” This one kicks in fury with punchy garage riffs and rebellious attitude, sounding like the quartet is about to come after you. The song’s hook reminds you who you’re messing with. We’re stoked to hear the new record, which comes out January 22nd.

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VIDEO: Fox Face – “Not Your Home”

Punk rockers Fox Face have a new single and video out. Shot in black and white by Scene Point Blank, the band is shown breaking into a mysterious house that ultimately ends up trapping and distorting them. It’s a spooky visual that complements the band’s provocative lyrics, which explore “the haunted house within your mind” and struggling to stay composed.

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