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AUDIO: Kingdumb – “Fruity”

With his fresh out of the box ep, Fruity’, the electronic man of the hour, Kingdumb, is kicking the endorphins skyward. This ep has zest dripping from it like an orange, thanks to its title and juicy nature. It’s as fresh as a pack of chocolates, and it kicks us in the shins when it gets going. The title track,

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AUDIO: Kingdumb – “Rave In My Bedroom”

‘Rave In My Bedroom’ is Kingdumb’s newest track, taken from his latest ep of the same name. It’s an upbeat, rave stomper that defies convention, and Kingdumb takes us down a novel route that’s both refreshing and irresistible. Kingdumb has been producing for a long time and is now demonstrating his expertise with this new tune. It transports us back

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AUDIO: Kingdumb – “JDM”


Swindon-based rapper and songwriter, Kingdumb arrives fresher than a Wrigley’s extra with his new release ‘JDM’. It is a track that paves the path for future British hip hop with an unorthodox vision. It starts with a pan-pipe lead that takes the listener far from the modern world’s craziness and into a peaceful realm. Eastern sounds influence the entire track,

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