AUDIO: Kingdumb – “Rave In My Bedroom”

‘Rave In My Bedroom’ is Kingdumb’s newest track, taken from his latest ep of the same name. It’s an upbeat, rave stomper that defies convention, and Kingdumb takes us down a novel route that’s both refreshing and irresistible.

Kingdumb has been producing for a long time and is now demonstrating his expertise with this new tune. It transports us back to when rave was all the rage, such as the 1990s. Moreover, the music influence from this heyday emanates through the compound. However, Kingdumb deftly incorporates a contemporary touch and futurist elements that catapult-like a jack in a box.

Upbeat and smashing forward with head-bopping charisma, this new one could not have come at a better item and given that many nightclubs are to open their doors once again very soon, it will come as no surprise to hear it rattling basements all over the world. It’s also just one of four tracks on the new EP, and it sets the bar high for the genre, not just for Kingdumb but also for other artists in the same space.

The Amazon Alexa-like vocal that comes in from time to time to inform us all about the music and the genres within the mix also adds to the track’s edge. It’s an unusual approach and one that is not customary. Also, Kingdumb layers the clever narrative lines with a crazy frog sounding vocal loop, smashing through the 2021 noise while reminding us all how awesome rave music is still today.

You can take a listen to ‘Rave In My Bedroom’ by Kingdumb by clicking here.

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