AUDIO: Kingdumb – “JDM”

Swindon-based rapper and songwriter, Kingdumb arrives fresher than a Wrigley’s extra with his new release ‘JDM’. It is a track that paves the path for future British hip hop with an unorthodox vision.

It starts with a pan-pipe lead that takes the listener far from the modern world’s craziness and into a peaceful realm. Eastern sounds influence the entire track, and the theme gets underway quickly with a female vocal that appears to be singing in Japanese.

Kingdumb then picks up the mic, and he flows with ease. His rap bars are engaging, and his catchy approach is stimulating. He sounds similar to some of the greats who rose out on the scene in the early 2010s. But, he is not a mirror reflection. Furthermore, he has adopted a sound of his own while taking hints from tracks that took off like wildfire previously.

Towards the latter, Kingdumb changes the structure, and a myriad of new sounds appear, adding to the eastern vibe. Also, the finale is bold with the energy gushing out of the mix, and the beat hits hard with vigour.

Overall, ‘JDM’ is a highly listenable track for anyone who likes hip hop, which arrives slightly different. It is thrilling, and the journey is memorable with a style that is unique to Kingdumb. But will it be enough to send him to the top? Only time will tell, but given the flavoursome hooks present, it will be no surprise to witness this one flying skyward over the coming months.

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