AUDIO: Kingdumb – “Best Friend”

Kingdumb is an electronic hip hop artist from the United Kingdom. The man with the ingredients, whose name will be heard a lot more in the months ahead. With his new single, ‘Best Friend,’ he is back with a bang, an exhilarating ride from the start and a truthful representation of his life experiences.

‘Best Friend’ is tough to categorise because it encompasses various genres and styles. However, Kingdumb appears to take inspiration from other recent Asian meet hip hop tracks. The tune begins with a synth that gradually rises to the surface, bringing with it a lot of components that we don’t hear all too often.

Kingdumb gets back to business quickly with the returns of his vocals, and he sits in between a rap and a vocal approach, frequently dipping between the two styles. He talks of a best buddy, most likely one who is no longer in his life but with whom he has many memories. There is a lot of introspection in the track, and Kingdumb questions himself, even offering his hand and asking for acceptance of his apology.

You can take a listen here.

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