AUDIO: Kingdumb – “Fruity”

With his fresh out of the box ep, Fruity’, the electronic man of the hour, Kingdumb, is kicking the endorphins skyward. This ep has zest dripping from it like an orange, thanks to its title and juicy nature. It’s as fresh as a pack of chocolates, and it kicks us in the shins when it gets going.

The title track, ‘Fruity,’ opens the EP. With a quick tempo tap rhythm, the beat gets the celebration started. A synth then echoes around the mix, diverting down a different path as one may expect. Then a little voice appears, talking about fruit. They’ve had enough of fast food and are seeking pears. Isn’t that odd? It works, but someone, please get some fruit for this guy!

‘Architect’ follows, with the beat once again leading the way forward. It takes a while to get going, but once it does, it’s incredible! With syncopated rhythms firmly holding the ears, ‘Mad At The Craft’ takes on a fresh atmosphere. The EP’s final track is a remix of ‘Fruity,’ which gives it a new edge.

Overall, ‘Fruity’ is a collection of top-notch electronic music that blends various styles and hooks into a unique hybrid. There’s nothing new here that we haven’t heard before, but it’s not often that one artist brings together so many influences in one package. It has so much to offer to anyone interested in futuristic and computer-related sounds.

You can take a listen to this new EP here.

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