AUDIO: Kingdumb – “Lion In My Heart”

With ‘Lion In My Heart’, Kingdumb, the UK electronic hip hop act, propels the feel-good feeling forward. Taking cues from the genre’s greats, Kingdumb has merged classic hooks with contemporary flavour to create one of the most standout new releases in recent memory.

The tune begins with a panpipe lead that will immediately captivate you. Kingdumb emerges with majesty and announces his desire to realise his potential! His vocals have never sounded better, with his quality holding the music together like glue. He also incorporates the right amount of vocal layering effect, giving the track even more stereo space.

The mix digs into various new corners as the track proceeds, moving between numerous music types along the way. The refrain is audacious, and the hook is memorable. In addition, Kingdumb experiments with his vocals and raps with complete openness about his life experiences and events that have led up to today. It’s refreshing, and it keeps us on our toes, anticipating what’s next.

Overall, ‘Lion In My Heart’ provides the feel-good atmosphere we all need right now. It also has something for everyone and will make even the most adamant listeners sway to its irresistible rhythm. Also, it is only the beginning of a new age for Kingdumb, with even more treasures like this one expected to be released very soon.

You can listen to ‘Lion In My Heart’ here.

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