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AUDIO: RIOTNINE! – “No One Wants Pain”

Midwest emo/skramz band RIOTNINE! dropped their debut single this week. This energetic tune is about distractions, self-care, and trying to make something out of nothing in this rapidly crumbling world. The shouted vocals cathartically channel loneliness and resistance to individualistic ethic; we all just want to feel loved and part of this world, after all. We hope to hear more

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AUDIO: Pasta Sauce – “Dearly Departing”

Emo-indie duo Pasta Sauce are out with a new EP, inspired by the duo’s first move from a college neighborhood to the suburbs. They interpret the concept of transition in various ways, whether it be through heartbreak or loss or feeling in limbo. There’s profound fortitude and fierce conviction that evidently went into this work, with melancholy yet polished melodies

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Sad Boi Project: In The Alternative Emo Rock Genre, The Memorable Hooks Created Keep Fans Coming Back For More

Kicking off in late 2019, Sad Boi Project has been pushing their way into the music industry with the EP, No Hard Feelings, which allowed them to gain enough momentum to survive the pandemic crisis. Being influenced by bands such as My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, and The Strokes, Sad Boi Project continues to shape their sound and spread

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AUDIO: Osseo – “These Days”

Emo rockers Osseo are newcomers on the Milwaukee scene, and they’ve got their debut album out to show for it. There’s a lot of existential dread weaved into the music here, begging to know what in life is better off. “Cicadas (Reprise)” is about pitying someone, “Anders” seems to be about wondering if resilience is worth it, and “Lily” ponders

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AUDIO: Buena Cara – “Security Cameras”

Emo rockers Buena Cara’s new single is about wondering what your ex is thinking. You’re not on speaking terms but can’t help but contemplate what they haven’t told you. You replay old conversations in your head, wondering what else you could’ve said. These intrusive thoughts make you anxious but there’s not really anything you can do. We hope to hear

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AUDIO: C x m e r x n FT. Global AzN – “Loner”

Emo pop artist C x m e r x n has a new single out with fellow storyteller Global AzN. It’s a song about getting by as a lone wolf and not wishing to be anything else. No one, not even your significant other, understands. That said, you get constantly fucked up to cope with these feelings. With a touch

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