Sad Boi Project: In The Alternative Emo Rock Genre, The Memorable Hooks Created Keep Fans Coming Back For More

Kicking off in late 2019, Sad Boi Project has been pushing their way into the music industry with the EP, No Hard Feelings, which allowed them to gain enough momentum to survive the pandemic crisis. Being influenced by bands such as My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, and The Strokes, Sad Boi Project continues to shape their sound and spread the word about mental health awareness in a hope of reaching out to people.

Their latest song, Take Away, follows the story of pretending to be happy when you’re not and how this takes a toll on one’s mental health. The band speak out boldly about emotions and feelings in this area, creating striking relatability with fans who might have been through similar, heart-wrenching situations. Sad Boi Project wanted listeners to acknowledge this track rather than just enjoy it, hoping to encourage people to seek help for their problems rather than just giving in to a selfish significant other. Describing their sound as alternative emo rock, Sad Boi Project emphasises dark, melodic hooks and are often compared to My Chemical Romance. They’re currently listening to Polyphia, admiring the way that their tracks are executed, hoping to create the same effect in their own music.

Within the song process, Sad Boi Project claimed that they wanted their releases to play as a chronological story, meaning that the sound got darker to reflect a mental shift. After the stage was set for each song, the lyrics came naturally to the band. They collaborated with producer Sam Sobo for this project, recording in a studio in Eagle Rock to fine-tune and perfect the final product.

First performing at The Mint in Los Angeles, Sad Boi Project claim that this place will always hold a special place in their hearts since they waited so long through the pandemic to perform, struggling to stay alive in the music industry to make it to this significant turning point. Social media certainly helped the band reach out to people at this difficult time, suggesting that fans should stay tuned on online platforms to follow Sad Boi Project further. After getting through this struggle, it’s clear that fans can expect a lot from Sad Boi Project in the near future, especially after the recent August 2021 drop of their EP, From All Of Me. With the band admitting that they’d love to collaborate with Travis Barker in the future, perhaps we should look out for Sad Boi Project’s approach to music in the years to come, with clear ambition spurring them forwards to success.

Listen to Take Away today on YouTube.

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