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Enter The World of Boot$ With His Song ‘Lifestyle Rockstar’

Originally from Nigeria, Boot$ came to America at the young age of two. He grew up in Prince George’s County and spent his teenage years in Bowie, both of which being within Maryland. Boot$ became an artist because he loves to write all forms of literature, especially poetry. He shares, “I look at verses and music as poetry. Music is

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Express Joy and Unity with Brad Cruise’s ‘Love Is an Awesome Thing’

Brad Cruise is a hip-hop artist who’s also a Puerto Rican army veteran. Before Post Malone, Machine Gun Kelly, and Dominic Fike decided to include rap and rock into their song repertoire — Brad Cruise had mastered the art of it. His music is as diverse as the world. He describes it as “accessible, smart, heartfelt and provocative”. When writing

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JJ Gahagan’s ‘Close The Distance’ Is About Lacking Physical Contact

JJ Gahagan is a one-man-band from Chicago. He’s a food scientist by day and a musician by night. Some visualize music as art and colors, but JJ sees music as a recipe to make a dish. He’s been known to say “It’s all about finding great ingredients and combinations”. On his first solo album ‘Something’s Got to Give’ he sings

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AUDIO: Calboa – “Admission”

Calboa is back with the goods. Furthermore, his new indie track ‘Admission’ is catapulting him out of the Hull indie scene, and many fans, including myself, cannot seem to get enough of it since its arrival. Taking influence from some of the biggest names in indie, Calboa adds his own touch while keeping modern and up to date with the

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AUDIO: Oscar Merry – “Cower”

Oscar Merry is the Bristol-based rocker who is taking giant leaps with his new release ‘Cower’ taken from his stand out EP ‘Unfurl’. Driving the track forward from the start is a guitar melody which comes with thunderous might. It is anthemic, and it will knock you off your chair with its bite and conviction. We are then in with

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AUDIO: Misty Shape – “Midnight Train”

Misty Shape prove their versatility as musicians on their latest track ‘Midnight Train’. It is the type of rock song which mirrors some of the worlds most famous ballads, but it has a unique freshness which many are finding hard to resist. Vocally, the track excels, and the lead singer hits all the right notes from the moment her vocal

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