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Sad Boi Project: In The Alternative Emo Rock Genre, The Memorable Hooks Created Keep Fans Coming Back For More

Kicking off in late 2019, Sad Boi Project has been pushing their way into the music industry with the EP, No Hard Feelings, which allowed them to gain enough momentum to survive the pandemic crisis. Being influenced by bands such as My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, and The Strokes, Sad Boi Project continues to shape their sound and spread

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AUDIO: Howard Grove – “Nebraska”

Indie pop band Howard Grove dropped a new single this week. It’s an affectionate song about cherishing the time you’ve got with your loved ones while they’re still here. The lyrics reflect the comfort in loneliness because it protects you from abandonment or loss. Howard Grove touch on mortality and time with a waterfall of downtempo psychedelia in “Nebraska.”

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Steve Contino Sings Heartfelt Messages From His Old Love Letters In The Song ‘All I Need’

Originally from the Bronx, Steve Contino is a singer & songwriter who followed love to South Carolina. He has been playing drums since the age of ten and picked up the guitar only about five years ago, after spending many years in the corporate world. The artist believes it is never too late to follow one’s dreams, which is also

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AUDIO: Calboa – “Love Is A Pain”

Calboa, the indie evangelist and musician, is back with a new single called ‘Love Is A Pain Of Its Own.’ With a soundtrack that tugs at the heartstrings, the hull guy, who isn’t short of anthems, paves the way for modern indie. Moreover, this latest one is a lovely song with a strong message that many will find relatable. Furthermore, the song

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AUDIO: Eliot – “Look At Me Now”

Thanks to his recent release, ‘Look At Me Now,’ Eliot is off to a flying start, with plenty of fresh doors opening. The tune is fundamentally a rock gem, but as it unfolds, many sounds emerge from the flavorful texture, giving it a broader perspective. It begins with a powerful bluesy guitar line, but the music quickly shifts once Eliot

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AUDIO: Olly E – “Rise Above”

Olly E

Olly E strikes while the iron is hot with his latest release, ‘Rise Above’. It is a track about defeating difficulty, and it exceeds expectations from the get-go, with the sole creator showcasing his multi-talent. The musician is a one-person band that is swiftly rising the music ranks. He is frequently mistaken for a whole band; as a result, his

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The Story Behind The Sad Lyrics Of ‘Mr Doctor’ By jiiP Is What Makes It Truly Unique And Inspiring

Originally from London, England, jiiP took up the piano before he had learned the fundamentals of speech. By the age of 4, he had written his first song. He went on to study music composition at KU and UMKC, mastering the violin and guitar during his travels through the states. Since 2012, jiiP has performed all over NYC and has

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Purverse Addresses Police Brutality And The Mistreatment Of People Of Color In His Song ‘Black Metal Rebel’

Purverse‘s sound is very dark and heavy, with deep lyricism.  He also mixes different elements of rock/metal in his music sometimes, along with some horror. His musical influences range from Eminem, Hopsin, 2Pac, Canibus and Tech N9ne on the rap side to Rage Against the Machine on the rock side. “Black Metal Rebel” is a song the artist wrote in

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