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AUDIO: House Tree – “Overtired”

House Tree is the new collaborative project between Jasmine Rosenblatt of indie pop band Bug Moment and singer-songwriter Jacob Slade. Their debut single is out today, and as the beautiful cover art implies, it invokes imagery of a calm, gentle meadow. The song touches on exhaustion and time passing by, doing your best to live for every moment even though

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VIDEO: Bug Moment – “Moth”

Indie pop trio Bug Moment have a new video out for their song “Moth.” Directed by Jesse Bleck, the scene here finds Jasmine Rosenblatt talking on their Garfield telephone as Gray Edward plays guitar and Aidan Hoppens playing drums on the TV. Rosenblatt’s lyrics confront a failed relationship and feeling you owe the other person nothing. It’s a visual of

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An eclectic night of local music hit X-Ray Arcade Sunday night; pop sensation 9 A.M., indie folk rockers Bug Moment, and experimental-noise rockers Spoy all took the stage. Spoy consists of vocalist/guitarist Jack Lange, bassist/vocalist Harry Willow, guitarist Keegan Phillips, and drummer Graham Collings. We talked to Lange after the show, first asking him how the band came to be.

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AUDIO: Bug Moment – “Little Frog”

Indie pop trio Bug Moment have a new single out. This one’s got a subtle yet mystical production that feels like a gentle stroll in the Elven woods. The lyrics seem to be about having to break bad news to your lover; Jasmine Rosenblatt’s vocals are delicate and ethereal in a nearly-unfathomable way. It’s a gorgeous forest-folk tune from Bug

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VIDEO: Bug Moment – “Worm”

Alternative pop trio Bug Moment have their first video out and it’s for “Worm” off their album “Bugs.” Beginning with Jasmine Rosenblatt in the backseat of a car with a Garfield plush and keyboard in their lap, Graham Thomas and Aidan Hoppens soon enter and join them with their instruments. They play the song, and exit the car once it’s

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Maybe Hazel, Bug Moment

A spectacular night of Milwaukee indie took place at X-Ray Arcade on Saturday night, bringing in a full house of eager music lovers. Indie rockers The Unitaskers played their first show since quarantine while being joined by beachy indie pop band Maybe Hazel, alt-pop trio Bug Moment, and prog-jam rockers Conundrum. It was many folks’ first time seeing a show

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