Bayshore Culver’s Pulls Out of Hyped Bug Moment Concert, Leaving Band and Fans Disappointed

Milwaukee band Bug Moment on Friday shared their hyped show at Culver’s set for July 22 was canceled after the fast food franchise decided to pull out.

The band first announced on Thursday they were playing at the Bayshore Culver’s in Glendale Wis. with Honey Creek, Chapped Lips, Excuse Me Who Are You? and Garden Home. The owner reached out 12 hours after the initial announcement and asked the band to cancel.

The band said they were “deeply saddened” the show would not go on, its members said on social media.

“After weeks of planning and going through all of the proper channels required to gather approval for this event, and receiving genuine excitement from the Bayshore Culver’s team, we announced our show to a truly overwhelming response. Initially, we shared the positivity surrounding the event with the Bayshore Culvers team and were met with gratitude for the hard work we had to put into this show, and media coverage the event had started to receive,” the band added.

Twelve hours later, Culvers had requested the show to be canceled with an explanation the company and the Bayshore franchise owner hadn’t considered noise level and safety and security risks, according to the band. Bug Moment offered to remedy the issues such as extra security, an RSVP link to control crowd size and add liability protections for the business, but the idea was “not being considered at the time,” band members said.

The band is working on securing a new location and is working with a few options, Bug Moment told Breaking and Entering.

The owner and operator of Bayshore Culver’s decided the restaurant “could not safely accommodate the event” after seeing the buzz around the announcement, a spokesperson for Culver’s told Breaking and Entering.

“Culver’s top priority is to deliver a safe and satisfactory dining experience to all of our guests. After gauging the strong response to the announcement and reassessing the size and scope of the potential concert, the owner-operator determined the restaurant unfortunately could not safely accommodate the event on its property. We’re sorry for any disappointment coming as a result of the cancellation,” the spokesperson added.

Bug Moment dropped their latest album, “The Flying Toad Circus,” in March. Check it out here.

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