VIDEO: Bug Moment – “Lagoon / Carousel”

Bug Moment are continuing their momentum, and recently released a new video for their singles “Lagoon” and “Carousel,” which come from their album, “The Flying Toad Circus.” Both songs carry a similar energy, with dreamy guitars and hazy vocals that are prevalent in the album. The video, directed by Joe Ludwig, strings the two songs together into a journey for the band, as they embark on a road trip in their Volkswagen bug. The adventure takes them from a gas station into the woods, where they ultimately wind up at The Flying Toad Circus. The video’s editing is strong, as leans into the surreal nature of what The Flying Toad Circus is with the panic and mysticism that ensue. Bug Moment are taking strides with the rollout of this album, and the combination video is certainly part of that. Check out the clip below:

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