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Kevin Holliday “Omni” Ep

Kevin Holliday’s new EP “Omni” is a pleasure to listen to start to finish. The six song project features his single “Tennis Courts” which was released earlier this year. The songs individually are fantastic, but listening to the project as a whole start to finish I appreciated the diversity in style. There’s a lot of unique sounds, and it really

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AUDIO: Clonethekid – “I thought I was Evil”

Milwaukee based rapper Clonethekid released his knew project “I Thought I Was Evil” October 31st. The heavily anticipated Halloween drop lived up to the hype of the snippets dropped via the rappers Twitter. The EP is the first project of Clone’s in this weird 2020 dystopia we’re living in. That being said, Clone has had a few singles so far

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Xavier Wulf “Don’t Touch The Remote”

Xavier Wulf, one of the true original Soundcloud legends we have left recently released a new song called “Don’t Touch The Remote”. The song, similar to many Wulf tracks, is short, clocking in at under two minutes. It follows a rather interesting theme of Wulf inviting a girl over and then kicking her out for turning off adult swim. It

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