Xavier Wulf “Don’t Touch The Remote”

Xavier Wulf, one of the true original Soundcloud legends we have left recently released a new song called “Don’t Touch The Remote”. The song, similar to many Wulf tracks, is short, clocking in at under two minutes. It follows a rather interesting theme of Wulf inviting a girl over and then kicking her out for turning off adult swim. It then goes into a more traditional verse by Wulf before he comes back to the theme of the song. He then invites either the same girl, or a completely new girl back to watch adult swim with him, under the condition that she brings an ounce of weed with her.

I really enjoyed the song. The Alpha K9 has hit us with constant pop culture references about anime and cartoons in his past catalogue of work, and this type of song feels very himself.

I also wanted to cover this song because recently on Twitter Wulf teased that Blood Shore Season 3 would be dropping soon. This album, for many fans including myself, has been nearly 6 years in the making. Blood Shore Season 2 sporting hit classics such as “Thunder Man”, “Mobile Suite Woe”, and “Psycho Pass” was one of Wulf’s most beloved projects. The hype for this album can not be understated, and I can’t wait to listen.

Some other noteworthy news concerning Xavier Wulf was his Twitter interaction with Shoreline Mafia’s OHGEESY. The two rappers who have yet to collab looked to change that by taking to Twitter. Xavier Wulf, to the delight of his fanbase made it known the two should work together. OHGEESY responded seeming to agree they needed to work together. So stay on the look out for that in the future because it should be a banger.

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