Night Lovell- “Alone”

Night Lovell, the Canadian rapper out of Ottawa gives us a heart felt single. The dark vibe of the beat matches the lyrics in which Lovell describes the very scary and real feelings of suicide. The song captures the moment and feeling of contemplating his very own life. From the lyrics we get a sense that he’s loosing friends the more successful he gets, and this feeling of loneliness among the other feelings of depression may overtake him at any time. Whenever I hear a song with these themes it makes me worry about the artist, but I think songs like these are important to let other people feeling the way know they’re not the only ones. Night Lovell does in this track what he’s always done in his music. He says what he’s feeling no matter how serious the topic. He takes that emotion he feels and puts it into his music, and that’s evident on this new track.

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