Kevin Holliday “Omni” Ep

Kevin Holliday’s new EP “Omni” is a pleasure to listen to start to finish. The six song project features his single “Tennis Courts” which was released earlier this year. The songs individually are fantastic, but listening to the project as a whole start to finish I appreciated the diversity in style. There’s a lot of unique sounds, and it really keeps the listener engaged through the entirety of the EP. The vocals sound great, and the project was completely self mixed and produced by Holliday, making it all the more impressive. It really just shows how talented this man is, and the depth of knowledge he has about himself as an artist really showed through. My favorite song from the project was “Regrets”. The guitar is super funky, and I like the messaging of the song, trying to live life with no regrets. “One day I’ll take. One Step up right in the grave. I’ll make the best of my days. Ain’t tryna live with regrets.” Do yourself a favor and give this EP a listen. You won’t regret it.

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