Wifisfuneral New Album “Pain?”

Wifisfuneral gives us his first full length project of 2020. Another product of South Florida that we’ve seen ascend to underground stardom over the past five years, Wifi gives us a completely new sound on his newest album “Pain?”. Wifi, like many rappers and artist, has always done a great job of taking whats going on in his life and translating it into his music. It feels like on this project Wifi’s done a lot of growing as a person, and as an artist. Which makes sense, because when I started listening to Wifi we were both 18. Now he’s 23, and I’m 22, and in that time he’s really evolved his sound.

His sining voice sounds great on the beats and this is evident from the first track on the album “Lost in Time”. My first time listening to it I was shocked. Not just by the complete change in style, but by how even with that change I still felt like I was listening to a Wifisfuneral song. I’m impressed with the versatility Wifi showed on this album and I’d definitely recommend checking this album out if your a seasoned Wifi fan, or have never heard of him before up until now.

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