Dana Glen “Cold Water”

Debut single “Cold Water” from Appleton based band Dana Glen recently dropped. The new track features a soothing instrumental combination of guitar, keys, and a steady drum beat that can definitely be categorized as a major vibe.

The lyrics talk about a relationship bound together by the fear of being alone, and the contemplation of if the relationship is even worth maintaining. Both parties seem to have distanced themselves from one another, but they seem to need each other at the same time because the thought of being alone is so daunting. I feel like many people that have been in longterm relationships, romantic or otherwise, can attest to how cutting ties can be tough. This song does a great job of tapping into a real emotional thought that many of us have had.

The vocals and general demeanor of the song give off a mellow and relaxed feeling thats supported by smooth back up vocals. It’s a great debut track and I’m excited to see what’s next for Dana Glen.

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