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REVIEW: Xiu Xiu at Cactus Club

Acclaimed experimental rock trio Xiu Xiu took the stage at Cactus Club on Wednesday night with a packed house; it was the band’s first time in Milwaukee since 2012. Opening for them was Taffy Puller, the improvisational duo of guitarist Chris Rosenau and drummer Jon Mueller. Xiu Xiu is Jamie Stewart (vocals, guitar), Angela Seo (vocals, keyboards, auxiliary percussion) and

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AUDIO: Domi – “Champion / Crazy”

Emerging electropop artist Domi dropped not one but two singles on the same day the other week. “Crazy” is a dance stomper about being head-over-heels for someone and begging to know if they feel the same; infectious with the hook and fiery in theme, the song is a certified club hit. “Champion” carries touches of hyperpop and house with ambitious,

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AUDIO: Treeminder – “More Like Edgar Allan Poser”

Math-emo rockers Treeminder released a new two-piece – their first release since their 2020 self-titled album. With eruptive, shrill vocals, shifting time signatures and riffage that flows like trickling waters, the band meanders with sharp emotiveness and rhythmic spontaneity. Lyrically, these tracks seem to tackle self-destructiveness, despair and lying to yourself. Treeminder unleash a cathartic rumination on impostor syndrome with

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AUDIO: Citizen 2-13 – “Score”

Harsh noise project Citizen 2-13 released a new album recently. It’s seven tracks that consist largely of industrial textures, dystopian atmospheres, amplified grinding and occasional alarm-like mechanisms that all culminate into a desolate, formidable odyssey. There’s a sense of danger and unsettlement embedded in this sonic installment like we’re going deeper and deeper into the depths of a secret government

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