AUDIO: ILY Truly – “Shook”

ILY Truly’s new single “Shook” is a microcosm of modern rap, mixing an infectious bounce with personal lyrics. The track is dominated by heavy synths that lend an almost futuristic quality to the production, while ILY Truly’s rapid-fire flow, delivered with style and panache, rides effortlessly over the top. The distorted bass acts as a counterpoint to ILY Truly’s vocals. “Shook” is a song about the importance of loyalty, with ILY Truly declaring his desire for someone who will stay by his side through thick and thin. As he raps about living life on his own terms, the listener can’t help but be drawn into his world. ILY Truly has a strong single that is sure to be on repeat when you hear it. Check it out below:

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