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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Mark Adams Son of Bill

The annual Riverwest24 happened this weekend, turning the streets into a party. Live music took place at the Riverwest Arby’s lot on Center and Pierce Friday night featuring Peroxide, Holy Shit!, Mark Adams Son of Bill, DaveKevinAdam and DJ Goodboi. Mark Adams Son of Bill consists of vocalist/guitarist Mark Adams, bassist Simon Beno, and drummer Spencer Powers. They play grungy

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VIDEO: Taiyamo Denku – “Sundown to Sunrise (Feat. Shyheim)”

The collab king hip hop artist Taiyamo Denku teamed up with Shyheim for a joint produced by Bofaat on his new album “Do You Want Bars?”. The video’s out now, shot by CTM Films. The two rappers are found in the studio doing what they do best – dropping knowledge about accepting challenges, telling their stories, and working through hardships.

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AUDIO: Plaid Hawaii FT. Evan Lane – “Just Be You”

Tropical-psych bass producer Plaid Hawaii’s latest single is pretty self-explanatory; it’s about living your best life and staying true to yourself. Featuring vocals from Evan Lane, the song is soaked in sunshine-laden synths that feel a magnificent sunrise. Lane sings of how awesome it is to be yourself; it’s the best thing you can do for others at the end

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AUDIO: Sleestak – “Harbinger”

Progressive doom metal band Sleestak are out with their fifth album. Venturing into a psychedelic hell-realm, the band undertakes long and drawn-out songs with soul-crushing riffs, thundering melodies, spookish synths, and lyrics from the helpless abyss. It’s a record that deals with prophecy, love, death, and reclamation through viscerally dark depictions. Sleestak set sail through the void with “Harbinger.”

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