ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Mark Adams Son of Bill

The annual Riverwest24 happened this weekend, turning the streets into a party. Live music took place at the Riverwest Arby’s lot on Center and Pierce Friday night featuring Peroxide, Holy Shit!, Mark Adams Son of Bill, DaveKevinAdam and DJ Goodboi.

Mark Adams Son of Bill consists of vocalist/guitarist Mark Adams, bassist Simon Beno, and drummer Spencer Powers. They play grungy rock inspired by alternative music of the 90’s and have been a band for about nearly a decade.

Adams explained, “I started with doing solo stuff under the name. Mark Adams felt like a boring name so I tacked on the “Son of Bill” to sound like a death notice-rock ‘n roll cliche. Then about ten years ago, Spencer Powers started drumming with me and then we became a three-piece when Simon Beno came along. For me, I’m definitely stuck in 91′ or 92’ as far as influences go; I hate technology and hate the Internet – I still have a flip phone but would prefer not to have one at all.”

Their last record “Living in the Shit Age” came out in 2017. On how he reflects on that record, Adams said, “I love it; it turned out just how I wanted it to. Eric Burant, Joel Kolata and Joel Shultis – they’re known as Behind the Weekend – produced the record; they helped me record it and were really patient with me. To me, it sounds as good as it can without sounding too good, which is exactly what I was looking for. I listen to it myself every once in a while.”

On what they’ve been working on since then, Adams shared, “I haven’t been too busy writing new stuff. We did start kind of thinking about recording a third record…maybe in 2023 we’ll have one…if not then maybe a single here or there. I much prefer albums to songs but I also haven’t been writing a hell of a whole lot. I didn’t lock myself in a cabin or anything during COVID, but hopefully we’ll have something new coming out.”

Mark Adams Son of Bill play Thurmans 15 on August 19th.

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