Bremen Cafe hosted live music on Friday night featuring Chicago bands Sin and Earth Radio as well as Milwaukee’s The Girl and The Mothman Cacaphony.

The Girl is a groovy indie rock band consisting of vocalist Eli Borg, guitarist Nate Ruvin, bassist Jay Randle, and drummer Colin Sure. Inspired by bands like Nirvana and The Strokes, the band’s name comes from when Borg was writing lyrics and realized he was using a girl in the song as an allegory to explore his own emotions.

“When I write songs, I feel like I’m talking to someone else,” Borg said. “It gets really flirtatious.”

On how they formed, Borg explained, “I started with playing the open mic here at Bremen before we had a band. I started working with Nate Ruvin a couple years ago and he mixes and masters the tracks, and he contributes to the production as well. I’ve never wanted to be a solo act but forming a band is hard; I’ve never been in one before this so thankfully there’s people here willing to play our music. We met Collin at a house show and we met Jay through Collin. Everyone is an equal part, for sure.”

The band’s latest single “What Not to Say” dropped in December. Borg said about the song, “All our songs are about sex and death. Not in like a raunchy or emo way, but I feel like sex is the most spiritual thing we can physically do on Earth. Death is like the unknown, and that’s exactly what the song is about. The riff makes me feel almost uncomfortable. I’ve always associated sex and death together which is really weird because sex is what gives life. “What Not to Say” was really fun to record; I’d been working on it for a long time.”

They have a new video out for their song “Teenage Witch.” Borg shared about it, “Me and Will Kaftan (WAK) worked so well together. It was inspired very much by those 2000’s Apple commercials and the intro for “Cowboy Bebop” which is one of my favorite animes, as well as “Teen Titans.” We took the pink, blue and green colors from “Power-Puff Girls.” We filmed it all in front of a greenscreen with this girl named Lucia; she was an incredible actress. We also had help from Uptilt Media, LokiTheHypeSoul, and Barry Quinnies.”

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