AUDIO: Jimmy Wayne And The Second Chance – “Killing Me Softly”

Mike Zito, the singer and composer who has topped the Billboard charts, and Kid Anderson, nominated for a Grammy, have collaborated to create the soundtrack for Guy Hale’s latest music-inspired novel, ‘Killing Me Softly.’ The story of a contemporary rocker Jimmy Wayne and his band, The Second Chance, is told through Mike’s wordplay, and he hits the nail right on the head!

Zito, who portrays Jimmy, releases an Americana sound that is reminiscent of Jimmy Wayne’s work. The protagonist is a bit of a nobody until his life is turned upside down, and while many people may believe it is for the better given that fame is now at his feet, there is a dire consequence to such a result, and that is a crime that could send him to prison for the rest of his life.

The album is engaging from the first track, ‘Vacant Stare’, all the way through to the final track, titled ‘Cold Winds Blowing’. It is a song collection that follows the novel’s framework, and each song fervently depicts the moments of Jimmy Wayne’s existence.

Mike, who is in top form vocally and brings his signature guitar qualities to the vanguard, makes this a soundtrack that will not easily be forgotten. The striking drum beats and clarity inside the mix contribute to the overall effect. Also, it is an album that will appeal to a wide variety of listeners because each song contains an emotional component, but it also has a crunch and edge to it too!

For those who relish guitar music served properly, this is the soundtrack for you, and for anyone who likes gritty music-inspired crime novels, look no further than the paperback of ‘Killing Me Softly’ by UK author Guy Hale, which you can check out here.

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