AUDIO: Valerie Lighthart – “Pt. II: The Witch”

Folk pop songstress Valerie Lighthart has the second part to her “By Moonlight” series out today. While “Pt I: The Goddess” carried a brightly shining aura with electronica elements, “The Witch” dwells within the shadowy underside of magical beauty, utilizing entirely acoustic instrumentation and slower tempos. Lighthart has spread her wings into the darker territories of imaginative storytelling, reveling in mystery and folklore with such tales blanketed by heavenly strings and graceful keys. Despite it being a deviation of mood for her, she manages to retain the empyrean charm of previous work. It’s a dynamic display of fantasy, autonomy, and escapism from Valerie Lighthart that showcases the realms of archaic wonder her artistry has traveled over the years.

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