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AUDIO: Day Tvvo – “Famous”

Pop artist Day Tvvo dropped a new single this past week. It’s about being reckless and letting shit get to your head as you’re starting to get noticed. Tvvo acknowledges that he and friends are getting carried away, but it’s the life they’ve chosen because they see themselves making it big. Day Tvvo has been consistent with new hits this

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AUDIO: Valerie Lighthart – “Part I: The Goddess”

Folk pop artist Valerie Lighthart released her highly-anticipated new EP today. With four tunes, Lighthart explores the various dimensions of femininity that challenge the mold of societal norms, embarking on her own mission to reclaim and express herself as she sees fit. She does so by juxtaposing ethereal pop sensibilities with an antique folk aesthetic, building something that seems delicate

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AUDIO: Day Tvvo – “Rated R”

Pop artist Day Tvvo’s latest single is about not being on the same page in a relationship. You feel like you can never please the other person and as a result you resent each other. With explosive summer flavor, this song is about not meeting expectations and the tough acknowledgement of that. Stay tuned for more from Day Tvvo soon.

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VIDEO: Keegan Calmes – “Dangerous”

Pop artist Keegan Calmes has the video out from his most recent single “Dangerous.” Shot by Creative Northern, Calmes is shown in the studio performing the song with drummer Timothy Wolf. The song is about risky love that Calmes has struggled to push away, and he puts a face to these emotions with an energetic jam session. It’s a catchy

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VIDEO: Day Tvvo – “I Hope That You’re Right”

Pop artist Day Tvvo is out with his first single and video of the year. It’s a song about self-doubt in the face of others putting you on a pedestal. You worry about cracking under pressure but regardless try taking your lover’s word for it that one day your dreams come true. The video features Day Tvvo setting up and

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VIDEO: Valerie Lighthart – “Savior”

Eccentric folk-pop artist Valerie Lighthart has the video out to her single “Savior” from a few months back. Directed by Emry Briskey, Lighthart dons vintage outfits and elegant makeup in a themed concept about being closely watched and analyzed for how she appears. The shots constantly narrow in on her, which she told 88Nine Radio Milwaukee is meant to represent

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