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AUDIO: Day Tvvo – “3, in Dog Years”

Pop artist Day Tvvo has a new EP out today with N43 Records. Featuring three of his new singles (“The Taste in Your Mouth,” “Doormat,” and “ICTHB”), the project culminates everything he’s worked hard on since quarantine began. “Running” is about feeling like you’ve been moving but still feeling like you’re not going anywhere while “Taxes” touches on what you

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AUDIO: Day Tvvo – “ICTHB”

The latest tune from N43 Records artist Day Tvvo is about a girl who isn’t his. He feels he can treat her better than her current dude, which is a familiar feeling for sure. Switching the tempo up, the tune has confidence. featuring soaring guitars over the hook and polyrhythmic keys following close behind. Day Tvvo might steal your girl,

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AUDIO: Keegan Calmes – “Birthday”

Keegan Calmes of N43 Records is out with a new single, and it’s about the loneliness that comes with birthdays. He’s not looking forward to drinking alone and needs company. For one, it’s easy to expect too much from your birthday, which often backfires. But Calmes is also speaking to the isolated nature of quarantine, as many cannot celebrate their

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AUDIO: Armon Hassan – “Rebel”

N43 Records artist Armon Hassan is out with yet another tune. Over a piano-driven melody he sings about inner pain and being a free spirit in order to escape from said pain. There’s a strong hip hop element but then the electronic bass kicks in with the chorus. It’s an attractive fusion once again from Armon Hassan – the dude

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