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AUDIO: Valerie Lighthart – “Pt. II: The Witch”

Folk pop songstress Valerie Lighthart has the second part to her “By Moonlight” series out today. While “Pt I: The Goddess” carried a brightly shining aura with electronica elements, “The Witch” dwells within the shadowy underside of magical beauty, utilizing entirely acoustic instrumentation and slower tempos. Lighthart has spread her wings into the darker territories of imaginative storytelling, reveling in

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AUDIO: Ju – “All the Time (Feat. Valerie Lighthart)”

Alternative R&B artist Ju enlisted folk-pop songstress Valerie Lighthart for a new single. It’s about loving someone meaning trouble, but you might just have to risk it for them. Lighthart comes in with a provocative attitude, telling someone to prove to her they want her to stay. The production is to a slow tempo and is coated in atmospheric blues

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AUDIO: Valerie Lighthart – “Part I: The Goddess”

Folk pop artist Valerie Lighthart released her highly-anticipated new EP today. With four tunes, Lighthart explores the various dimensions of femininity that challenge the mold of societal norms, embarking on her own mission to reclaim and express herself as she sees fit. She does so by juxtaposing ethereal pop sensibilities with an antique folk aesthetic, building something that seems delicate

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Artist Spotlights: Nate John Herlache, Meadowers, Conscious Congress, Mas Verde, The Panoptics

DIY shows are beginning to pop up around Milwaukee’s East Side and Riverwest neighborhoods, and one of the first so far took place under the scorching Saturday sun this past weekend. An all-day backyard fest featuring Nate John Herlache, Valerie Lighthart, Meadowers, Conscious Congress, Demetri Rogers and Cosmic Endeavors, Mas Verde, Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang, and The

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VIDEO: Valerie Lighthart – “Savior”

Eccentric folk-pop artist Valerie Lighthart has the video out to her single “Savior” from a few months back. Directed by Emry Briskey, Lighthart dons vintage outfits and elegant makeup in a themed concept about being closely watched and analyzed for how she appears. The shots constantly narrow in on her, which she told 88Nine Radio Milwaukee is meant to represent

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AUDIO: Valerie Lighthart – “Savior”

Mystical songstress and pop artist Valerie Lighthart has a new song out today. Produced by Crystal Knives, the tune is cinematic and atmospheric. Her lyrics explore the idea of being lifted up as something that you aren’t but deciding to try on that new identity. It’s got a pump-up attitude and an exciting, personable tempo that will find itself welcome

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