Artist Spotlight: Blind Fiction

Breaking and Entering hosted another show at Pabst Brewery & Taproom – this time with folk-pop singer Valerie Lighthart, pop rockers Will Pfrang and the Good Lang Gang, and blues rockers Blind Fiction.

Blind Fiction consists of vocalist/guitarist Tim Wright, bassist/vocalist Eric Madunic, and drummer Nick Lang. They have been around for about six years, although Madunic has been bassist for about two. Taking elements of classic rock, blues, folk rock, and progressive rock, their sophomore album “Overlook” came out this past May.

“Eric joined on right when we recorded the record,” Wright said. “We were Timothy Charles & The Blind Fiction and then we dropped the Timothy Charles thing…to decrease my ego (laughs).”

“I’ve known these guys for quite a long time,” Madunic added. “Nick and I played in another band called Tweed Funk for a few years, and Tim had subbed in a couple times playing saxophone. When Nick had told me that he and Tim were starting this blues-rock-trio sort of thing, I was like “do you guys need a bass player?” and they already had a buddy of theirs playing and I said if things didn’t work out, let me know. The previous bass player, Tim Price, decided to relocate a couple years ago to Arizona and immediately I was like “hey, can I be a part of this?” and so I came on right in the middle of recording Overlook.”

Wright explains the concept behind their new album.

“Some of the songs we wrote back in 2013 and some we wrote as late as last April. It’s called Overlook because it’s based on The Shining – I was reading it at the time and all the songs tied into some thematic element. I think blind fiction is like thinking of fiction and forcing your own thoughts through it to understand it better. It was an experiment of that.”

“I think the process got more collaborative (than our first album),” Lang added. “We’ve been playing for more years so I think we understood each other a lot more. Tim is the leader of the group but it felt like there was a lot more space for us to throw our weight around in the cutting room, or when we rehearsing and putting things together. We weren’t playing old tunes just how we’ve always played them.”

“Being the new guy coming in, I really appreciated how Tim being the primary songwriter was very opening and welcoming to ideas of songs he’d written and thinking what we could do different,” Madunic said. “A lot of the songs changed and morphed a bit…it became a really collaborative process. We’re looking forward to more of that with another album and getting more integrated with songwriting. I told Tim before, he’s a brilliant songwriter and a great lyricist…he writes hook-y songs.”

Wright discusses what is in store for the band.

“We got a bunch of rehearsals on the books. We’re gonna get together and watch some Packer games, watch some movies…and then get together playing our instruments and see what comes out of it.”

Blind Fiction plays Nice Ash in Waukesha on December 20th, where they will have vinyl available.

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