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AUDIO: Old Wolves – “Rest Now in Nearing Dawn”

Blues folk project Old Wolves has returned with a new EP. It’s five tracks, and each song is embellished with field recordings of birds singing and bugs buzzing for a tranquil touch. These songs contain themes of nature, what once was, running away, and living with bitterness but trying to find peace. Joe Zumpano’s rich voice connects melancholic conviction with

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AUDIO: Greg Koch – “Stick and Coal for Christmas”

Rockstar Greg Koch of Koch-Marshall trio is out with a Christmas single. It’s a blues number about Koch’s misbehaved cats; all he wants is for them to get along for once but until they do, they’re getting a stick and coal for Christmas. Guitar effects are added to simulate the cats’ meows, making for a fun holiday ditty. Half of

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Sean Grinsell: Striving To Expand His Songwriting Horizons

Sean Grinsell continues to strive forwards in music with his new song R is for Redemption, contributing to the field with a mix of styles and genres. With no words, the interpretation of the song is entirely up to the listener, creating intrigue and a personal musical journey for every individual fan. This personal experience is what connects many fans

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AUDIO: Jennifer Porter – “Show Me Your Love”

Jennifer Porter is back, and her new single, ‘Show Me Your Love,’ is even more beautiful than before. The singer, who has been enchanting Maine’s local scene for years, has made a significant step forward with her current album, ‘Sun Come And Shine,’ which contains this new single. ‘Show Me Your Love,’ a soulful song with a bluesy background, delves

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