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AUDIO: Jennifer Porter – “Show Me Your Love”

Jennifer Porter is back, and her new single, ‘Show Me Your Love,’ is even more beautiful than before. The singer, who has been enchanting Maine’s local scene for years, has made a significant step forward with her current album, ‘Sun Come And Shine,’ which contains this new single. ‘Show Me Your Love,’ a soulful song with a bluesy background, delves

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AUDIO: Old Wolves – “Weep Not For Wandered Fawn”

Blues folk act Old Wolves is out with a new record, closely following last week’s single “Shovel and a Broom.” For those that yearn for the darker side of folk music, look no further. These songs are largely about impending doom as we remain trapped by the shackles of capitalism, fighting for survival. As the song “The Lonely Oak” touches

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Madi Simmons: With Reggae Roots, This Artist Has The Ability To Transport His Fans’ Minds In A Wave Of Nostalgia

Entering the performing scene aged 16, Madi Simmons, voted top indie male reggae artist of 2018, started out tackling the drums, songwriting and singing. Continuing to push the boundaries of his reggae sound with Black Uhuru vibes, Simmons’ strong vocal delivery has helped the release of My Wish for Humanity flourish. It isn’t often you hear an artist that delivers

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Zechariah Lloyd Tillotson: Crafting His Songs With Meaning, This Artist Connects With His Fans With A Mix of Relatability And Good Vibes

Down to the River is a new single from Zechariah Lloyd Tillotson, earning a spot on his unreleased EP as an origin song. Connecting with fans with its raw meaning, this artist provokes reflection by focusing on the upbringing struggles that people deal with. Describing the break away from the family nest, Tillotson manages to encapsulate a push and pull

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AUDIO: Old Wolves – “Shovel and a Broom”

Dark blues-folk project Old Wolves has a new single out. It’s a song about everyone’s spirits getting buried at the end of the day by the titular tools; the sentient vehicles we call our bodies ultimately return to the dirt that birthed us. Joe Zumpano kicks the tempo up with some bluegrass sensibilities here. Face your fate with Old Wolves’

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AUDIO: Jennifer Porter – “Sun Come And Shine”

Jennifer Porter

Jennifer Porter’s latest release, ‘Sun Come And Shine,’ provides blues fans just what they want. Jennifer’s content is the first to arrive here, which is surprising given the high quality she has up her sleeve. Bernard Purdie kicks off the track with a top-notch tapping rhythmic pattern. A warm piano hook by Miho Hobuzane also adds warmth to the mix

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AUDIO: Mike Zito – “I’ll Make Love To You”

Mike Zito

Mike Zito is a one-of-a-kind artist, and his latest release, ‘I’ll Make Love To You’, is proof of that. Furthermore, with each hook, the blues-rocker unleashes the strength, and he wobbles the speakers in all the right ways. The song is from Mike’s upcoming new album, ‘Resurrection’, and it’s just one of the album’s many highlights. However, with a rough

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