AUDIO: Crow Billiken – “If I Don’t Have Red I Use Blue”

We don’t deserve the artist known to some as R.A.P. Ferreira, or previously Milo. Returning as Crow Billiken, he abandons hip hop for the blues on a new six-song EP, “If I Don’t Have Red I Use Blue.” Rather than dabbling in the sound, he goes full speed ahead, giving you an authentic, purposefully lo-fi feeling recording on this project. The fuzz and bent sounding guitar plays well with Ferreira telling stories and delivering some heartfelt music along the way. This release feels like it should have been unearthed from someone’s decades-old vinyl collection in the deep south, and that’s a testament to the production of Cosmic Zoo Studios in Los Angeles, as well as a host of contributing musicians. R.A.P. Ferreira has a hip hop record on the way in November, but bask in the blues with the EP below:

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