AUDIO: Raphael Klemm – “Sorry Dear World”

Raphael Klemm’s newest single, ‘Sorry Dear World,’ gives the heavy hitters a run for their money. It’s a single about expressing his feelings about society, with an edgy instrumental thrown in for good measure.

To begin, we hear Klemm dig deep into his musical arsenal and emerge with a gem. His vocals are unique, and he drives forward with conviction. His tone is pleasant, and he takes an approach that few players in the modern game do.

Raphael’s music revolves around the guitar, and he significantly uses it to effect ‘Sorry Dear World’. He also presents a precise picture of his influence, with clues from pop rock’s most prominent stars cropping up in the mix. Nonetheless, the compound is unique, and the bass rumbles the speakers for all the right reasons, as does the drum cadence, which has us tapping our feet in no time.

Also, his voice is a force to be reckoned with, and his character blankets the ears. With his approach, he is warm, but he knows when to deliver the grit. It’s a technique that gives the combination even more dynamism and pays off tenfold.

Overall, ‘Sorry Dear World’ is a pop-rock single that follows a similar path to others we’ve seen previously. But, Raphael puts his own stamp on the sound and takes us on a nostalgic journey. He also sings about real-life experiences, and his ability to express himself is evident.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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