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AUDIO: Raphaël Klemm – “Dig Our Hole”

Raphael Klemm

Raphaël Klemm brings the pop-rock buzz with his latest release, ‘Dig Our Hole’. It is a delivery that does not conform to the standard chart; instead, it leads us down a new path, and the adventure is memorable from the very start. Cleverly, the Swiss-based singer /songwriter tries something new and unique, and it pays off with the power leaping

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AUDIO: Raphael Klemm – “Sorry Dear World”

Raphael Klemm’s newest single, ‘Sorry Dear World,’ gives the heavy hitters a run for their money. It’s a single about expressing his feelings about society, with an edgy instrumental thrown in for good measure. To begin, we hear Klemm dig deep into his musical arsenal and emerge with a gem. His vocals are unique, and he drives forward with conviction.

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