AUDIO: Raphaël Klemm – “Dig Our Hole”

Raphaël Klemm brings the pop-rock buzz with his latest release, ‘Dig Our Hole’. It is a delivery that does not conform to the standard chart; instead, it leads us down a new path, and the adventure is memorable from the very start.

Cleverly, the Swiss-based singer /songwriter tries something new and unique, and it pays off with the power leaping out of their track from the get-go. Furthermore, it all gets underway with a melodic opener that includes various instruments and a thunderous drum rhythm that fastens everything together like glue.

The pace picks up as it progresses, and Raphaël leaps forward to lend a memorable vocal performance. He sings with pure tenacity, so much so, maybe he should look for a role in theatre performance? He would thrive in the west end with his vocals shining with bold quality.

Fast forward to the chorus, and it gets even mightier! Also, it is difficult to place this song purely in the pop realms; it has a sound of its own, making it hard to pinpoint its exact class. Nevertheless, we hear one of the most potent pop hooks appear in the refrain.

Towards the closing stages, Raphaël Klemm roars with fearless character. Furthermore, his potency hits us with fire flowing from his vocals. Also, the backing harmonies jump out of the mix, adding even more flavour to the already full mix.

Overall, a top track from Raphaël. Also, it will be no surprise to hear him release something similar come the new year!

You can take a listen to ‘Dig Our Hole’, here.

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