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AUDIO: Cloak – “Hallucinations”

Experimental dreamcore artist Cloak recently dropped his debut album, and he describes it as “a reflection of what he has been going through in his life.” It’s dreary, meditative, and desolate like having melancholy dreams of your childhood surroundings. The second track features lyrics of drowning in an ocean of your feelings, while the fourth deals with being so depressed

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AUDIO: Space Whaler – “Relax, Dude.”

Experimental ambient artist Space Whaler just purchased a Model:Cycles from Elektron, and this new tune is his first while using it. Aptly named, it’s about as chill as you can get. The tune incorporates a drum loop and hypnagogic synths, giving it the feeling of water lightly rippling against the shore under a painted sunset. It’s been a productive year

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AUDIO: Amphibient – “Tales From the Space Race”

Amphibient is an ambient electronic project affiiliated with the experimental music collective Fundamentals. The latest album from the project is an interstellar odyssey of industrial, krautrock, and dark ambient pieces themed around the mid-20th Century Space Race. Each track flows into the next, and embedded in the instrumentals are samples of astronauts and politicians speaking about mankind. It’s not a

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AUDIO: J. McCoy – “Hope Miraculous”

John McCoy is an improvisational electronic musician originally from New Orleans but has long been in Milwaukee. He’s out with his first record in nearly twenty years; his primary instrument here is the modular synth. He’s crafted suspensful, meticulous dark ambient pieces that feel like an interstellar expedition (“Comfort is Somewhere,” “Search Out for Light”). Some of the most unique

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AUDIO: Golden Coins – “Fade Diagram”

Experimental folk duo Golden Coins are out with a new record this week – their first in nine years. Right off the bat we’re greeted with the sweet and hopeful “Home Opener,” which reminds us to keep moving towards the light together. There’s a twangy pop sensibility accompanying themes of home, memories, and aging. The songs paint vivid and glorious

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AUDIO: Thatguyeli – “Once Bright”

ThatGuyEli is out with his sophomore single. Featuring brightly shining guitars and vocals that feel like he’s watching a sunrise over the lake, Eli sings about yearning for days where he feels himself again since there’s been so much pain the world has been through. He’s onto something; it’s hard to imagine what “normal” feels like anymore. It’s a hopeful,

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