‘M.I.A.’ By Sydney Jules Is a Feel-Good Song for Your Crush

Sydney Julia Silver, a.k.a. Sydney Jules, is an indie-pop artist that uses her music as a journal. Her songs are a profound collection of her innermost and most vulnerable experiences. She composes straight from the heart to fulfill her ultimate goal of bringing encouragement, solidarity, and affirmation to her listeners.

During her childhood, Sydney taught herself to play both the keyboard and the guitar. She wrote lyrics as a form of therapy. Music was her escape from the clutches of anxiety that would often plague her state of mind.

Currently, Sydney harnesses both bittersweet themes of heartbreak but also healing stories of affirmation. Through her music and her own experiences, she hopes to offer encouragement and solidarity to those who are also dealing with emotional strife.

Sydney’s first single, ‘M.I.A.’ featuring Prince Zilla, tells the story of two people who want to spend time together. She shares, “We’ve all had a crush, we’ve all had those experiences with someone that make you want to stay and spend as much time as possible with them.” The song talks about “going M.I.A.” and “ditching all responsibilities.”

‘M.I.A.’ is a feel-good pop song. Be that as it may, Sydney categorizes her sound as indie-pop with a hint of R&B. She explains, “Most of the music I write is different from ‘M.I.A.’ but has some of the same inspiration behind it all.” Her music influences are Lennon Stella, Maren Morris, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga, among others.

Every now and then there is an unbelievably authentic artist who deserves recognition – and Sydney Jules is undoubtedly the one of this moment.

Listen to Sydney Jules’ ‘M.I.A.’ on Google Music.


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