Chris Case Expresses Transparency in His Song ‘Different Places’

Chris Case defines himself as a conscious rapper. He values honesty and transparency in his work. Every word in his lyrics means something to him and comes from his heart. He shares, “I meant every word I say in my songs. Every line has a deep meaning to it.”

His music journey started by releasing songs on SoundCloud when he was 16. Growing up in Gastonia, North Carolina, Chris discovered a knack for writing stories, poems, and lyrics which eventually inspired him to rap. In high school, he would write about the good times and the bad times he went through. Music was a beautiful escape for him in all the tough times.

I was able to overcome childhood traumas from being a victim of child abuse to telling people stories about it and a lot more through my songs. That’s why I think that music has been an important outlet for me in my journey. It has helped me with coping with a lot of stressful things,” Chris says.

In his new single, ‘Different Places,’ Chris unapologetically speaks his mind about racial injustice, prejudice, and broken communities. Chilled out but hard-hitting, ‘Different Places’ also has optimistic messages that promote change and collective action. The song won’t just get you into deep thinking; it will also inspire you to make a change as well.

‘Different Places’ was also produced by Chris. In his home studio, he crafted an original beat with a guitar, piano, and pads. Then, he began weaving his lyrics. Each line in the single holds honesty, truth, and meaning as he explores the concepts and realities of injustice against people of color.

Listen to Chris Case’s ‘Different Places’ on SoundCloud.

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