Erich Mrak Returns With New Single “No Ways”

By Deuce

It’s a little difficult to decide what the most compelling aspect is of “No Ways”, the most recent release from singer/songwriter Erich Mrak. There’s his silky falsetto, which is responsible for some of the most sumptuous moments on the track. You’ve also got the acoustic sounding guitar that kicks off and holds down the majority of the cut and is likely its most immediate attention grabber.

But when it all comes down to it, it’s got to be the drums—which attests to the arrangement efficacy of Mrak and producer Phil Hotz. When you start a number off with those big, acoustic inclined guitar chords and that silky falsetto, the last thing you’re prepared for is the hard hitting, bass heavy drums Hotz has readied.

Perhaps that’s why they work so well. Smoothed out, somewhat, by speedy double and triple time high hats, the power of the kick gives this one the thump to make you really hone in on it, enabling the song to stand out from numerous other pop or even rhythm and blues forays.

The beat’s low end is a fitting counterpoint to Mrak’s breezy high notes which work wonders on the chorus. The hook is more than catchy, as the vocalist’s timing and phrasing help give this part of the tune a surrealism that’s readily grounded in the smack of the drums.

The artist has been on this path for quite some time, particularly during the duration of 2020. At the top of the year he video’d in “See You in September” before giving you “Girls” in June. In between and after these singles he’s populated the airwaves with numerous other tunes, including remixes, covers, and live performances.

The guitar work displayed on his current release makes it one of his more memorable pieces. There’s a touch of sound effects on it that make the cut much more appropriate for a bar or club scene than it would be without it. Hotz even managed to work in a subterranean bass line to punctuate the work, giving listeners something more with which to connect while solidifying the urban roots of the oeuvre.

Chances are, it’ll only be a matter of time (months, if not weeks) before Mrak’s dropping something else, so enjoy “No Ways” while it’s still his latest and greatest.

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