Erich Mrak’s New Single “Girls” Goes Wild

By Deuce

“Girls”, the latest single released by Erich Mrak, has overt pop aspirations—which is good, because they’re largely realized on this number. The tune has all the requisites for pop appeal: an extremely catchy hook, a brief runtime (it’s barely two minutes) and elements of other popular music, in this case the ubiquitous four-on-the-floor drum pattern.

The title doesn’t hurt either, and reflects one of the most time-honored subjects for men of all ages. The auto tune inspired vocals certainly hearken back to a time when such stark effects ruled airwaves and clubs alike. Still, the magic on this one is in the chorus, which the track is unambiguously structured around.

That’s the part when Mrak and his producer Phil Hotz (who co-wrote the joint with the former and is also credited with mixing it alongside Brandon Unis) pull out the heavy, live sounding bass line that gives the cut its life as Mrak’s voice soars about someone or something “breaking apart”. Almost rubbery sounding, these lows nicely complement the sudden influx of the thudding kicks which are sure to inspire dance floors wherever the track’s played.

You’ve also got to give it up to Mrak for the percussion on this work, which is varied and sophisticatedly nuanced. It truly hits home during the second hook, in which a fat ass snare augments the drum pattern to help you put your head into it. With the bass grooving, the snare snapping, and the vocal effects escalating, this has got to be the finest moment of the brief oeuvre, serving as a well deserved climax.

Interestingly enough, however, the first chorus has a more reserved snare that still helps to inject the track with energy following the dearth of drums during the initial verse. The deliberate lulls in each of the verses is accompanied by what’s best characterized as idiosyncratic percussion, which helps to move the track while building momentum for the hook.

“Girls”, which actually dropped yesterday, is the first single from Mrak’s forthcoming full length entitled Glimpse. It should be an appropriate indicator of the quality of work the artist will unveil on the album. Since he’s credited with performing all the instruments on this one, it should be exciting to see what this talented musician and vocalist can accomplish next.

There’s no release date as of yet for Glimpse.  

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