Artist Spotlight: Juiceboxxx

Milwaukee native Juiceboxxx did a homecoming show at X-Ray Arcade along with acclaimed LA dance-pop outfit YACHT and Milwaukee dance-pop artist Lauryl Sulfate (solo). It had been his first show of a Midwest-East Coast tour he embarks on this week with YACHT.

Currently based in New York, Juiceboxxx has had quite a seasoned tenure since dropping his first record in 2005. He opened for Public Enemy in the mid-2000’s, was the subject of the 2015 book “The Next Next Level: A Story of Rap, Friendship, and Almost Giving Up” by Leon Neyfakh, and started his own record label Thunder Zone Entertainment in 2011. His vibrant combination of hip hop, punk, and alternative rock over his career has defied classification. He performs with guitarist Willy Dintenfass and drummer Mike Birnbaum, and his 2019 cuts “Kids are Looking,” “Running So Deep,” and “Coinstar Song” are precursors to his new rock and roll direction.

“The new record is the rock album…sort of canonical rock influences spit out through my filter. We’re all very excited about making rock music. We recorded it in LA but I worked on it with a producer in New York, Joel Hamilton. We’re very lucky that Danger Bird Records facilitated it…he works with this band Highly Suspect, and I was really taken with the work he did with them because it’s so outside of the indie rock purview.”

His most recent tour abroad had been in the Netherlands in September.

“It’s a very interesting situation…we have one very vocal champion of the movement from the Netherlands who is busting his ass to get us opportunities…S/O to Zander. He’s been putting us on these hippie rave-ish festivals and we’re one of the few rock and roll bands. Holland is very clean…we spent a lot of time in smaller towns. It’s smaller than Wisconsin, so you drive around the country but every drive is like an hour.”

He speaks especially highly of Cactus Club’s sound guy, Alex.

“He’s gone on many tours with me doing sound…like a decade ago we did a tour where we followed around a bus in his Toyota Corolla. I feel like every time I play in Milwaukee I should request him.”

Juiceboxxx’s record is called “It’s Easy to Feel Like a Nobody When You’re Living in the City” and will be out February 28th.

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